Fabrics, Laundering & Care

Moonlit Princess uses mainly Bamboo and Lace fabrics, sometimes with Organic Cotton blends when necessary. These materials offer an exceptionally soft but durable feel that hugs the body and drapes beautifully. Once you start wearing it, you'll never look back. 

Please care for your bamboo and lace garments by following these recommendations:

* Wash in cool water with like colours on gentle cycle.
* Use a natural detergent if possible.
* Hang or lay flat to dry.
* As a general rule, if you love your clothes, don’t put them in the dryer! If you need to, it is OK to use a use delicate cycle on medium heat.
* Ironing is okay on medium heat or cotton setting.
* Bamboo is a durable natural fibre. It is very flexible and will form around your shape nicely. It also relaxes over time and can stretch but does not have a tendency to shrink.
* Nylon lace is strong yet delicate. Be wary of snagging with jewelry and please avoid ironing these areas.

Interesting bamboo facts:

* Bamboo does not need any pesticides, fertilizers or irrigation and quickly regenerates after being cut. Though it has to endure some intense processing to become a usable fibre, more manufacturers have been using a process that requires little to no chemicals for the breakdown.

* It is breathable yet also has great wind-resistance, so your body will be able to stay a nice temperature this way.
* It also has great wicking abilities, meaning any moisture or sweat can be absorbed and moved away from your body.
* Bamboo fabric is anti-bacterial/anti-microbial which eliminates body odour.
* People with various skin sensitivities can comfortably wear bamboo fabrics because of all of these qualities!