Moonlit Princess is the design world of Carissa Mo from BC, Canada.

Using an expression of femininity through whimsical, mysterious and sensual shapes, Carissa merges her favourite contrasts of light and dark elements in more than just her colour palette. Dainty looks give a sense of innocence and youthfulness while thoughtful details offer a mature and sultry mood to the clothing.

With a passion for shaping the female figure, Carissa uses flattering lines and beautiful draping to complement the body while retaining a cute and comfortable feel. 

Accents of lace give a traditional beauty while gentle fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo are utilized to support freedom of movement; stretching, frolicking, dancing, breathing and flowing through life.

A life-long love of fashion, anime, fantasy, dance, performance art and staying young at heart contributes to the inspiration behind the look and feel of a moonlit princess.